Our neighbour country has got a qualified labor force at good price. The staff is trained in authomatic cutting and they receive continuos interior formation in colaboration with GIAC (Group Interproficional of Assistance & Council) and AMITH ( Moroccan Association of Textil Industry). In addition, they count with the necessary machinery infrastructure to optimize the final product.

We work with ateliers that are provided of: authomatic cutting S5300 Gerber for the maximum accuracy in the cutting, Gerber CAD with interface for Lectra and Investronica; embroidery machine with a total of 36 heads, 3 embroidery machines up to 9 colours each one with a seam center to make creations in situ, authomatic screen printing machine of 8 colours; manual tables and others accesories to make swatches as well as a black room to make frames.

The manufacturing in Morocco is highly advantageous due to its geografic proximity, shortening the time of delivery and speeding up the reaction time face to the market.   

Tangier is only 15 km from Algeciras. It is a politically steady country that aims to a greater association with the European Union. Morocco has made clothing for the European Market for 20 years. The european enterprises in concordance have developed sophisticated logistic chains for transporting as packed product as hanging garments.

You send us the raw materials, accesories, original sample and patterns and we manage the cutting, seam, iron and packing. Serving it as you decide in classified cartons or in hanger.

It is needed to present commercial invoice and detailed packing list of each delivery in order to pass the moroccan customs. Working with Morocco is profitable provided that the invoice of manufacturing ascends to a minimum of 5000€ for each delivery. In this way freight and forwarder expenses are fully covered. 

Time of delivery is maximum 30 days from departure of your factory to the reception in the same. It arrives to achieve 21 days in a normal working rotation.

More than 15 years of work experience in Morocco


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